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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do special event tours?

Yes, I can plan a tour for your group or event, or modify one of my routes to your needs.

Can we meet at our hotel and start the tour from there?

Yes, if your hotel is near the tour route and doesn't add too much distance to the ride we can meet there for the start. If there is a fee for me to park at your hotel you will be responsible to cover that cost. Please ask about this when we plan our meet up.

Is there a minimum age for taking a tour?

Yes, riders must be 18 years old.

What requirements are there for taking a tour?

You must wear a helmet.
You must sign a waiver of liability.
You must follow the leader's guidance.
This and other information is provided in the Pre-ride Briefing.

What happens if I find the tour too difficult or can't finish for some reason?

I'll make arrangements to get you back to the start. If it's a matter of the ride length or the pace of the ride, it's very easy to make adjustments in-route.

Do you cancel rides because of rain?

Yes, we'll cancel or postpone due to rain. Either you or I can make that decision. If you say cancel we will, and if I say cancel we will. We may also postpone until later in the day or another day when we are both available. If the ride is canceled, there is no charge.

What kind of bikes will we be riding?

We ride Soma (brand) San Marcos touring bikes. They're easy handling road bikes with comfortable 33cm tires, drop handlebars and bar-end shifters.

Several of the tours indicate that coffee and lunch are available, how does that work?

It can work a couple ways. We'll discuss a food or drink stop before starting the ride, it's something nice to look forward to. Or, you may decide during the ride that you would like to take a break. Either way, we often make a stop for food and or a drink but usually not both. Please bring money to make a food or drink purchase if needed.

Do you rent bikes for people to take and use on their own?

No I don't, there are several local bike shops and rental companies that rent bikes for personal use.